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The Home of the Tonemonkey

My Life, as it currently stands
Where you need to go
Contact Me
My Family, and other fun stuff


Welcome to my space.
Hopefully you'll enjoy your time here on planet tonemonkey.
Here you'll get a chance to hear my music, see some pictures, meet my family, and generally get to know what I'm all about.

As you can see I think of myself as a bit of a blues musician, I've been playing guitar for around 15 years and would love to hear what you think. Do feel free to get in contact.

As far as family life goes, I'm more than happily married, and have been for over 6 years and have a beautiful 6 year old daughter, you'll see more of us in the photo album.

What's New?

Whats new you ask? The whole site!


The music you are hearing is East of I-10
Composed by Guitar G of the LPF
and featuring my lead work